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Westfield popular mall kiosk for cell phone showcase accessories display Happy new week!mobile phone and phone accessories already become essentials of our life. today I read an report said:In 2017, the global mobile phone usage was 9.17 billion units, of which 5.56 billion were smartphones. It is estimated that by 2023, the global mobile phone usage will reach 10.720 billion units, of which 8.83 billion are smartphones. China and Northeast Asia are currently the two largest markets with a growth rate…

unique mobile phone retail kiosk for cell phone retail store used in mall Now smart phone,mobile phone quantity demanded becomes biger and biger,many people begin do mobile phone retail business. if you are ready to begin mobile phone retail business in mall or shopping center,pls come here. today I want share you a very practical mobile phone retail kiosk with all of you! now introduce this mobile phone retail kiosk in brief: it is 5m by 2.5m,with two long phone display counter and some glass…


blue color mobile phone retail kiosk for SAMSUNG brand Project brand:SAMSUNG brand Project size:3000*3000*1800MM Here is a mall kiosk used for sell retail Samsung brand phone and phone accessories and case. The design we made based on our customer's needed, the customer who come from Korea ,but he live and work in the United fist he just a workman of repair last year,he set up a company of  himself and for sell mobile phone and phone accessories. i got…

A perfect shop 3D deign for cell phon retail shop
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A perfect shop 3D deign for cell phonen retail shop; About phone,what brand is your preference? maybe you say :"iphone""Huawei""VIVO" and so on. YES,many brand and They all have their own characteristics. When you come in a cell phone retail shop, What will first appear in front of you? Here just a 3D design about cell phone kiosk 3D deszign with cell phone kiosk show,it including wall display showcase.cell phone retail table, Ipad display table and feature wall with LOGO.…

cell phone display showcase for cell phone store
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cell phone display showcase for cell phone store Store space:65square. Brand name: MOBILE PHONE. Some picute about cell phone display showcase for cell phone store as bellow : Project name:Cell Phone Showcase with Lighting Display for Cell Phone Store City:The cell phone showcase for cell phone store furniture designed and builder from shenzhen Unique kiosk company ,and it shipped and install to UK in shopping mall.  Details of cell phone showcase: 1.Material: 3-20mm MDF/Plywood,baking paint high glossy finish, 10mm tempered glass, stainless…