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creative design SIM card display kiosk SD card booth for sale

phone is widely used nowdays,every phone will need SIM card!

so if you find out this business opportunity,you can make a SIM card display kiosk used in airport,railway station,or prosperous business street to sell Sim card,SD card etc,will  be a very good choice.



it is 2.5m by 2m,white match red color,back has a big sim card shape modeling for LCD TV display.

very special and modern design,do you like it?

sell SIM card in airport or railway station is very good,these places have huge flow rate,and not so many sim card sellers,so easy to do business.


do you like this design?

Now share you some real production photos for this SIM card display kiosk

after the customer received this SIM card display kiosk,he is very satisfied  with our works,now he ready to order one more.

see our materials for made this SIM card display kiosk


SIM card display kiosk

how to design a SIM card display kiosk like this?

Contact us and share all of your ideas about this kiosk . such as location size , color, logo, equipment list etc . we made a 3 d design and put all of your ideas on it , submit the design to your mall manager audit . if there have anything mall manager not allow or dislike , we can modify it , after Through design review , we will start work on the kiosk drawings . after the mall approve the drawings , we will arrange production this kiosk. 

How we pack this SIM card display kiosk?

our packing is very good:

1.EPE Cotton to protect body

2.Bubble Pack to aviod squeeze

3.Corner Protector to avoid corner crash

4.10mm wood box to pack outside

so needn’t worry.

contact Jessy pls: