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Mall kiosk for cell phone repair workstation in shopping mall.

The one we made is a mini mall kiosk  in shopping mall or commercial center used to sell the phone accessories and repair the cell phone.

Details specification of mall kiosk as bellow:

  • Project name : mall kiosk for cell phone accessories and cell phonerepair workstation.
  • Product size : 3000mm by 3000mm by 1800mm
  • Brand name : UNIQUE
  • Mainly Material : Plywood ,tempered glass,stainless steel,the suface make of baking paint .
  • Some cell phone accessories kiosk design and real work pictures for your reference as bellow:

mall kiosk for cell phone repair workstation kiosk

mall kiosk phon repair workstation

mall kiosk phon repair workstationmall kiosk phon repair workstation

  • Why choose Unique mall kiosk company?1.Products

    Could be custom.all of the products are no stock


    A.Small sample can be sent to customer,after the two sides to communicate

    B.Sample fee can be refund according to the customer’s order

    C.We have a big sample room so that customer can visit it


    Our factory is service of the high quality Brands,so the quality of the products and the workmanship must be excellent


    A.The products from raw materials to the factory,production products are inspected by QC

    B.The goods are intact packaging before shipment.

    C.If their is any problem after received their goods, please contact us within 48 hours.we will deal with it properly

    D.Free design product

    E.Confidentiality of customer’s design of the new mall kiosk for cell phone accessories kiosk .

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