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New premium cell phone display showcase with LCD display

hello dear friend!warm welcome to our page,may be you are still looking for cell phone display showcase you want to begin your business.

Here share one we just made for your reference.it is 11ft by 6ft,size is customized,a little small,but can display many phone accessories.

It has two LCD display,can attract customers,show your products.do you like it?

cell phone display showcase

cell phone display showcase

Basic information of cell phone display showcase

mainly materail : MDF with basking paint
size : 11ft by 6ft or customized
Color :White and blue
style: High-end
payment : T/T. W/U, M/G
design time: about 3 days
producted time 20-25 work day
Packing : foam inside , wooden box outside

cell phone display showcase

this one is designed as customer needs,if you like it,just contact me,tell me your size,the color you like,how you want layout,your needs,our professional designer will design for you.

If you want design cell phone display showcase you like,follow these steps:

How to design cell phone display showcase?

   1.tell me pecific requirements (size,color,material,quantity)
   2. We’ll make 3D MAX design according to your requirements.
   3. There is 300USD advance deposit before design, the money will be refund to you after order finished.
   4. Design time normally 3-5 days.
   5. Check the design, if you find some place not good, our designer will help you 

   modify, it isfree charge.
   6. After the design plan approved by you, then we start to produce it for you.

Real production photos for you to see details

cell phone display showcasecell phone display showcase

Delivery time

about delivery time,we suggest if you want to begin your phone business,you should begin this project earlier,leave enough time for design,production and shipping.

Why?Let me analyze for you.

From design to you receiving the kiosk,take US for example,need about 67 days.

Kiosk design progress: 7-10 days(make design need 3-5 days,modification need 3-5 days)
Kiosk building time: 20-25 work days
shipping time to port : 30 days(US)
delivery time from port to mall :5-7 days . 

We build kiosk in a very strict standards, Normally we need 20-25 days to build a kiosk , the kiosk precedure is mainly build in 4 steps

First : Carpentery work  5-7 days 

Second : Painting work  6-8 days 

Third : Installation work  2-4 days 

Forth : Packing work 1-2 days 

We will send update photo to show the procedure of your kiosk in every step .From the very beginning cutting material , build the kiosk structure , polish and painting , install light , logo , glass . drawers , handles and even the packing . 

so dear friend , if you want to make this business for cell phone accessories kiosk, pls leave at lest 2 month time when design is ready , one month for production and another month for shipping , this you will get very good quality kiosk . 

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