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Shopping mall cell phone accessories kiosk for mobile phone store design

hello dear friend!

iam very happy today,because i received the customer’s feedback about this cell phone accessories kiosk!

he is very satisfied with the kiosk,and sent me a lot photos!

this cell phone accessories kiosk is we made for a US Customer,used in simon mall.size is 12ft by 10ft.



here share some feedback photos:



Belowing is the 3D design photos:




it really a very nice and attractive cell phone accessories kiosk,also very functional.

outside and inside all displays,can display a lot phone accessories and laptop covers etc,Make full use of space.

every shelf has led light strip,that’s why it looks very bright and eye-catching.

and as you know,simon mall requirements is very strict,specially in materials and heights,lights,electricity.





we made this kiosk completely follow simon mall criteria,the baisc material use E1 plywood,surface finished by solid-core laminate.

the tall pillar height is 7ft,counters are 42” and 48” follow the mall requirements height.

and the cables used UL standard cables,sockets use US standard(the standard can customized as your country standard)

and it is an open style kiosk,customers can go inside to choose the one he like,this will attractive customers also.

so in a word,this is a very attractive and high-standard kiosk,do you like it?

if you like it,can contact me to show your needs,we will design the kiosk belong to you.



some production photos for you see the details



                                                                                  UL CABLE

                                                                           us sockets



Basic information for your reference

mainly materail : plywood+solid-core laminate
size : 12ft by 10ft
Color :bule and white
style: eye-catching and functional
payment : T/T. W/U, M/G
design time: about 3 days
producted time 20-25 work day
Packing : foam inside , wooden box outside



Our professional material



How to buy this cell phone accessories kiosk?

for buy the kiosk,as usually,you need follow these steps:

Step 1: Making confirmed 3D Max design according to customers’ requirements;(2-3 working days)

Step 2: Making the technical drawings of the product according to the confirmed 3D Max design;

Step 3: Start manufacturing;(18-25 working days)

Step 4: Assemble the product and take photos;

Step 5: Shipping package


How is our packing?


1. Clear the product

 2.  EPE Foam inner packed , around product. 

 3.  Bubble foam each side protected.

 4. 10mm MDF with 18mm plywood frame cartons.

 5. Paint the marks on wooden carton.

 6. All steps are designed for safe protection and long distance transportation.

7. We will order shipment insurance for all order, the insurance is free



Please contact Jessy to get more information: